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On Shinjuku 2 years ago
Kabukicho is probably the safest red light district I have ever been to! :) Then again, it's like no other red light district. There's nothing...
On World's First Sakura Pepsi 2 years ago
I tried sakura beer last year in March. Most of these 'sakura' products are just... meh.
On Super Potato in Akihabara 2 years ago
Couldn't find this place, ended up going to Trader instead.
On The Shinkansen Experience 3 years ago
I love how fast the cleaners sweep inside the trains at the final destinations before the next set of passengers get in!
On Play & Erase with Fun Sushi Erasers 3 years ago
Yup, I just HAD to buy one of these eraser sets of mock sushi!