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On Wada Gassho House 6 years ago
Historicalhouse is precious and very interesting object. Especially even more if it has still inhabitants.
The Gassho houses in Shirakawa-go...
On Makino Botanical Gardens 6 years ago
I like Botanical Gardens. Those have several appeals such as distinctive atmosphere, stillness, scholarly interests, and so on.
I want to stroll...
On Ena Sakaori Tanada 6 years ago
I am japanese. Tanada is beautiful and worthful spot for the Japanese too.
Not so imposing as Ena Sakaori Tanada, my grandfather who was a...
On The Home of Bizenyaki 6 years ago
I live Onomichi which is near Bizen. But I know few things about Bizen.
In these days, we are recognizing importance of the traditional arts...