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On Hanamiyama Cherry Blossoms 5 years ago
On March 11, I was relaxed in my house in Ehime.
I finished university entrance exam, very very easygoing.
I learn big earthquake, that day...
On Kyoto Edible Art 5 years ago
Do you like eating? I love eating! Meat, fish, of course vegetables.
Human's have five senses, eating is using taste, but not forget smell...
On Yumeji Takehisa's Birthplace 5 years ago
Yumeji Takehisa is Japanese illustrator.
Peculiar pretty Bijin-ga, his ability.
His masterpiece is "onna Judai"(Ten Title of Women),
On Wada Gassho House 5 years ago
I don't know Gassho House and Shirakawa in detailed.
"Gassho" means to join hands in Japanease.
This house looks like isosceles traiangle,...