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On Snow at Daigo Temple 4 years ago
These photos are absolutely breathtaking. What a special moment you were able to capture. The red bridge surrounded by snow looks like a scene...
On Anime Shops of Akihabara 4 years ago
Great article - you mentioned some awesome spots. Akihabara is a dangerous place for anime and gaming fans such as myself. It can really be...
On Shibuya 4 years ago
I'm not going to lie, Shibuya 109 is overwhelming! It's definitely something to experience, but I found it hard to shop with so much going on....
On Tsukiji Fish Market 4 years ago
I really regret missing this experience. It is definitely on my to-do list for next time in Tokyo!
On Tokyo to Kyoto by Shinkansen Train 4 years ago
I just checked our your profile and you really are a wealth of information on the country. Thanks for your contributions!