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On Akita Citizens Market 6 years ago
I knew that there are a lot of fresh and delicious food in Akita.
I want to visit Tsukiji once because action seemed to be interesting.
On Gifu Castle, Park and Ropeway 6 years ago
I have not gone to the Gifu Castle so far, but throught that I want to see beautiful to see from there.
I want to participate in some events....
On Okayama's Omotecho Arcade 6 years ago
I often shop here ar Omotecho Shopping Arcade, too.
There are a lot of wonderful shops and is a very favorite place.
A lot of charm of there...
On Michi No Eki Kashimo 6 years ago
I throught that the tomato of Kashimo was suitable for various dishes to make it delicious.
I want to go Michi no Eki Kashimo sometime because...