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On Traditional Shirakawa-go 3 years ago
Shirakawa-go is definitely on my to-go list, especially during winter and the light-up event every year. Ah if only I could take a week off...
On Snow at Daigo Temple 3 years ago
How beautiful! I'll be in Tokyo next January, hopefully I have the time to take the train down to Kyoto as well!
On J-WORLD Tokyo Indoor Theme Park 4 years ago
Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be sure to check it out when I'm there!
On The Burger Stand Fellows 4 years ago
I will probably need to walk home instead of using the subway after eating this. Sinfully good, but oh-so worth-it. Thanks for the recommendation!...
On Maguro Bito 4 years ago
Thanks for the recommendation. Will bookmark this for my itinerary.