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Kaede Hokkaido Ramen 8

Kaede Hokkaido Ramen

Sher Ying Wee

A good thing about staying in Tokyo is that you can usually find the more famous foods from other parts of Japan. Miso ramen from..

Tokyo 2
Kiyomizu Kannon-do 10

Kiyomizu Kannon-do

Sher Ying Wee

This temple houses the Senju Kannon (Thousand Armed Kannon), and Kosodate Kannon, who is visited by ladies who wish to for chi..

Sanja Festival 20

Sanja Festival

Sher Ying Wee

Widely considered as one of the larger and wilder festivals in Tokyo, the Sanja Matsuri attracts massive crowds over a 3 day period...

KiddyLand 23


Sher Ying Wee

All the character goods you could ever want are all conveniently under one roof! Great place to get presents for children (and a-child-at-heart..

Tokyo 8
Yotsuya Station

Yotsuya Station


Experience everyday life like a local while winding down after a busy day at Yotsuya Station.

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