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On Sogenji Temple 6 years ago
I practice tea ceremony. Zen and tea ceremony,these areclosely related.
when I have deeper knowledge of tea ceremony, I cannot avoid thought...
On Akita Citizens Market 6 years ago
I like fresh fish and fruit .So I want to go to Akita. If I visit Akita I want to eat various local oroducts and enjy shopping
On Get Your Kicks on Route 28 6 years ago
Okayama has many countryside that is beautiful view.
I like taking walks, because I can see view I cannot see on a car.
There are many tasteful...
On The Home of Bizenyaki 6 years ago
I live in Okayama and practice the tea ceremony ,so I know Bizenyaki. However, I realize I do not know it well.Bizen has rich water and earth...