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On Himeji Castle & Kumamoto Castle a year ago
Wow, nice photos and article, also...
You know about these castles more than other young Japanese.
Amazing!!! Thank you!!!
On Night Lights at Tatemono-en 2 years ago
Yes, let's go there together....As a photographer, I'm just a beginner...But I'd love to take some nice night views at there...Might be very...
On Night Lights at Tatemono-en 2 years ago
Allan, Thank you for this information!!! I also went there but it was day time...night view is totally different...I should go back there again...
On Manjushage Festival, Koma 2 years ago
Hi Allan, Thank you for this wonderful photos! I wanted to go here but I miss the chance, somehow......Yoshiko Toyama
On Hokuriku Shinkansen Launches 3 years ago
I also took this Hokuriku shinkansen just next day of open on 15th daytime. It's really convenient for Hokuriku people.
But I thought it's...