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Tsumago Post Town
Preserved with a special atmosphere of the past
Tsumago is the middle of three historical post towns of the Kiso Valley on the Nakasendo route from Edo to Kyoto.
Takashima Castle of Suwa
Historical castle with a Japanese garden
Takashima castle is also known as “The Floating Castle of Suwa” and is the historical home of the Suwa Clan.
Matsumoto Crafts
Temari balls and oshie dolls
Samples of crafts such as oshie dolls popular in Matsumoto city.
Floral Garden Obuse
Beautiful garden featuring orchids
Floral Garden Obuse is a nice place to feast your eyes on different flowers and to purchase flowers and plants.
Nagano Countryside
Authentic shrines and picturesque views
The photos of old wooden temples and shrine taken in Nagano countryside.
Three Days Along Kisoji’s Nakasendo Trail (Day 2)
Experience the history and culture of Kisoji's ancient road
We headed to the Kiso Valley for a three-day trip along the Nakasendo to take in some of its key sights.
Kumobaike Pond in Karuizawa
A peaceful stroll in nature
Take a stroll around Kumobaike Pond in Karuizawa
Jigokudani Yaen-Koen's Snow Monkeys
Paradise of the onsen-bathing snow monkeys
In Japan's Nagano prefecture, Jigokudani Yaen-Koen is where you can find wild snow monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring pool.
One Day in Suwa
Itinerary for exploring Nagano's lakeside city
Apple Picking in Matsumoto
Experience Nagano's Specialty Apples and Farmhouse Life
Autumn is the season of beautiful, colored foliage, mushrooms in Nagano's forests, and, of course, the harvesting of fresh fruits – one of Nagano’s specialty! This year, a young farming couple, who moved from Tokyo to Matsumoto in Nagano Prefecture, started an apple picking experience in October.
Found: 256 results