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Central Alps Hike Day 2
From Mount Hinokio-dake to Utsugi-dake
Great sights continued to greet me after sunrise. These are some of the views I experienced when traversing the Central Alps on the Second day of this two day adventure
Koke no Mori – The Moss Forest
An entire forest covered in moss in North Yatsugatake
The Moss Forest in Kita-Yatsugatake is a magical place which reminds of Gibli's Mononoke Hime. One of Japan's three most famous moss locations together with Yakushima and Oirase.
Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
A good choice as a travel base in Nagano Prefecture
Hotel metropolitan Nagano, a good choice as a travel base in Nagano prefecture
Unique Things To Do in Suwa
Compiling the interesting and the bizarre into one list
Popular Things To Do in Suwa, Nagano
Recommendations from local residents and travelers
Cafe Mikado in Karuizawa
A popular spot for coffee and ice-cream lovers
Mikado is a famous coffee shop whose speciality is mocha soft serve ice cream. You can it eat it in a cone or in a cup, or in a coffee float (with iced coffee, of course). When served in a cup, mocha soft ice-cream is garnished with a dried Californian prune soaked in a special syrup.
Kamikochi Alps
A fairytale-like forest away from busy city life
What to expect from an autumn trip to the Kamikochi Alps in Nagano.
Magnificent Matsumoto Castle
One of Japan's 12 remaining original castles
Magnificent Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan's 12 remaining original castles, dating back to the 16th century.
Hiking in Asama
An accessible hiking alternative in the Matsumoto area
If tackling the Japanese Alps is a bit too daunting for you, why not try out the trekking trails near Asama Onsen?
The Pristine Nature of Kamikochi
Exploring the leisurely trails along the Azusa-gawa
Exploring the leisurely trails along the Azusa-gawa river in Kamikochi National Park.
Found: 267 results