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Shikoku Pilgrimage: Temples No. 8 & 9

Visiting No. 8 and 9 temples on foot

The eighth temple (Kumadani-ji Temple) and the ninth temple (Hourin-ji Temple) are located in a residential area. The ninth temple is 6.6 km away from the seventh temple (via the eighth temple). Relax, and enjoy the walk.

Spring brightens up the eighth temple with many beautiful cherry trees. Especially, those around the main gate are wonderful. Cherry trees standing on both sides of the road create a fantastic space in which lots of petals fall like snow.

Walk the Henro-michi through a rural area towards the next temple, Hourin-ji temple. There are two grocery stores selling traditional local fast food in front of the main gate of the temple. Rice cakes, roasted sweet potatoes and udon-noodles. I enjoyed eating them outdoors, and got some energy to move towards the next temple.