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Kichijoji's Harmonica Alley

Step inside a musical maze of shops and fortune tellers

Kichijoji is easily one of the more favourable destinations for both locals and tourists in Tokyo. There’s a pleasant, spirited air to these streets, something that locals can appreciate and where visitors can grasp a faint sense of ‘home away from home’. Located just around the corner from Kichijoji station is Harmonica Alley. By no means a hidden or tucked away gem, this maze of impossibly narrow alleyways exists more so as its own little world in the midst of Kichijoji.

The name is said to come from the appearance of the alleys, the line of small shops imitating a harmonica’s reeds. You’ll find plenty of restaurants, bars, fortune tellers, salons, shops, and more than enough photo opportunities here. A couple of hours can effortlessly be filled, gifting an authentic and memorable experience to take away home with you.

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