Pizza Slice in Daikanyama

Authentic New York pizza near Ebisu

 By Mandy Bartok   Jan 8, 2016

Hailing from the East Coast of the United States, I can be quite picky about my pizza. Luckily, the head chef and owner of Daikanyama's Pizza Slice trained in New York and can deliver the ultimate "American" slice of pie. For those who are seeking something a little different from the typical Italian-style pizza, the slices here are covered with the perfect amount of cheese, generous toppings and - the mark of any good pizza - they fold in the middle without breaking. While choices like pepperoni, sausage and plain are solid options, the caramelized onion slice is a standout. And, just like New York's restaurants, this eatery is entirely non-smoking.

Photography by Mandy Bartok
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Jerome Lee a year ago
Oh maaaan, that's making me want a gooood slice of pizza right now!
Mandy Bartok Photographer a year ago
It's hard to not make a trip there at least four times a week! ;)