Peace Memorials of Hiroshima


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The Memorial Peace Cathedral may have originated in war, but is now a place of quiet in a less visited part of central Hiroshima, with much to see inside and out.
The artefacts on display around the Memorial Cathedral for World Peace give the Cathedral a museum-esque feel
Thousands of colorful paper cranes adorn The Children's Peace Monument in Hiroshima's Peace Park, many of which have been brought here by children from all around Japan.
Among the sites in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is the Memorial Cenotaph, a large, saddle-shaped concrete structure between the Peace Memorial Museum and the A-Bomb Dome
A time to respect those who lost their lives and hope for a peaceful, war-free future for the world. August 6th is a significant day for anyone in Hiroshima.
Mountaintop shrine to world peace with great views over the city of Hiroshima and out to the islands of the Inland Sea.
The museum dominates Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park and attracts over a million people annually from all over Japan and around the world. A must for any visitor.