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Yokohama Yamate Western Houses

The beautiful Diplomat’s House is so lovely at dusk (Photo: Tomoko Kamishima)

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The Yokohama Yamate district used to be a thriving foreign settlement for Europeans and Americans living in Japan, leading to a unique atmosphere in its residential areas. After Yokohama Port opened, more than 2000 business people from Europe and America flooded in and started to live and work here. They were given official permission to find living and working space by the Japanese government. However, they were prohibited from going outside of a very strict set of physical boundaries established by the government.

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Bluff No.18 7

Bluff No.18

Tomoko Kamishima

With its orange roof, white walls and green window frames, Bluff No.18 is a very cute house. The garden is beautifully yellow when..

Yamate No.68 6

Yamate No.68

Tomoko Kamishima

Yamate No.68 stands inside Yamate Koen Park, where the history of tennis began in Japan. Yokohama City later purchased the house..

Yamate No.234 8

Yamate No.234

Tomoko Kamishima

A private enterprise built an apartment house at Yamate No.234 for the purpose of coaxing back foreigners to devastated Yokohama,..

Berrick Hall 9

Berrick Hall

Tomoko Kamishima

Berrick Hall should properly be called a mansion: It's very big, has a beautiful garden and a large party room. The interior..

Ehrismann Residence 8

Ehrismann Residence

Tomoko Kamishima

The original owner of this lovely house was Fritz Ehrismann who was born in Zürich Switzerland and came to Japan in 1888 to jo..

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