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Trattoria Lemon: Ochanomizu's quaint ristorante
B'z-inspired chicken toripaitan ramen in Ibaraki's Koga area.
Yoshiba Culinary is an amazing dive into Japanese culture through the twin lenses of sport and cuisine. The chankonabe served here is flawless, which combined with the atmosphere makes for a restaurant you'll want to visit again and again.
Soup Stock is situated in Ueno Station, so if you're transiting through the station, be sure to stop by the restaurant and have a taste of the great delicacy that is warm, flavorful soup, with a hint of a Japanese twist on the classic recipes.
Try Menya Kaijin's seafood ramen – great for vegetarians and halal for Muslim
Just as Naoshima is famous for its Shio (salt) cider, Kamakura is famous for its Ume (plum) flavored cider. Plum is grown locally in Kamakura, and so popularly used in dishes in the city that even the 100 yen stores have packaged ume! The Kamakura Ume Cider does not taste like Umeshu (plum alcohol) but instead the ume used has a gentler, more refined flavor. The flavor is softer, as the sweet tang is complemented by the fizziness of the carbonation. The glass bottle preserves the flavor well, offering you the best quality product.
Japan is known as its healthy food, but it can be hard for vegans or organic foodies to find restaurants that suit. Here are some popular restaurants in Osaka that serve what you want.