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Totoro in Himeji is a standing sushi restaurant in Himeji. People wait sometimes for even an hour before going in and having its food served. It's the best sushi I've ever had.
Treat yourself to authentic all-you-can-eat sukiyaki and shabu shabu in Shinjuku.
A nice, simple diner-style burger joint in the Yashima area of Takamatsu. Great flavor, great price, and a robust menu of that delicious stuff you have been craving.
Learn about Snow Country food culture as a local guide takes you foraging for mushrooms in the forests and mountains of Yuzawa. A private chef turns your finds into an amazing Japanese banquet paired with local wines and sake.
Phase back to rural England with a visit to one of the most peculiar themed cafes in all of Japan - Shaun the Sheep Cafe in Osaka.
If you're craving for Indian, Malaysian or Indonesian food, get some spices from Osaka Spice & Halal Food and whip it up yourself!
Konjiki Hototogisu (金色不如帰) is a tiny ramen shop out in Tokyo's suburban Hatagaya, that's been operating since 2006.