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The appeal of Spicy Masara Curry Shop is not only the appeal of delicious and fast curry, but also the store's price and convenience. Each meal is less than ¥1000, and even if you add toppings like egg, cheese, or a croquette to your meal, the meal would still cost less than ¥1400. The dishes at Spicy Masara offer you filling meals that will satisfy both your hunger and your taste buds. The store is located on the Pedestrian Walkway in Kyoto Station, and you will not definitely miss the bright red and yellow exterior covered with photos of curry!
You can read books while you have a drink or meal inside Story Story.
Experience tori paitan soba, or chicken ramen, at this much-loved hidden gem in Tokyo's Ginza district.
The popular Japanese cakes shaped like small fish are called "taiyaki" which translates directly to "baked seam bream. At this small but extremely popular and busy stall named Oyatsumura in Otesuji, a shopping plaza situated in Fushimi, Kyoto, you will be able to enjoy this tasty Japanese snack. Taiyaki at this store comes in two classic Japanese flavors - a creamy custard and an azuki-bean filling.
A short trip to Koenji, Tokyo for a delicious Okinawan experience at Kiyoka Okinawan Restaurant. Try their Sokki-Jiru.
Gado- shita is the name that Japanese use for describing local restaurants or passages under the railway. It literally means "under girders". It comes alive in the evenings, when all the tiny alleys are lit by red and yellow lanterns and chefs work their magic in open-air kitchens. Meat sizzles on the grill, clouds of steam rise over the big pots of ramen and everything gets ready for the feast that will last untill the late night hours.
Uji is thought to be the first place in Japan to have mastered tea growing. Thus, it makes sense that Uji is so well-known for matcha. Masuda Tea Store is about a fifteen to twenty-minute walk from JR Uji station and is located right across from the main gate entrance to Byodoin Temple - the temple most people would recognize as the building on the 10 yen coin.
Tricolore Cafe is located in a quiet alley of Ginza, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tokyo. Although Ginza is mainly busy streets with modern tall buildings, this cafe managed to keep a fabulous retro style. It is an oasis of tranquility in this popular fancy shopper district.