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Soy Sauce Ice Cream on Shodoshima
A unique snack in the Hishio no Sato area
Feeling adventurous? Eat your soy sauce as cold ice cream instead of on rice or with sushi when you visit Shodoshima.
Craft Beer at Spring Valley Brewery
My beer epiphany at Daikanyama Log Road in Shibuya
Try six different craft beers in a trendy brewery restaurant at Daikanyama Log Road in Shibuya.
The Best Udon Ever
Your reward if you can reach Nikuju no Nantetsu
Thick udon noodles in delicious rich meat soup from Nikuju no Nantetsu will be the best udon you ever tasted!
Matsushima Fish Market
Top quality seafood at lower than restaurant prices
Matsushima is famous for seafood but where can you find fresh seafood for affordable prices? Try the Matsushima Fish Market!
Kamogawa Café
Quality brewed coffee and cozy ambiance
Quality brewed coffee and cozy ambiance in Kawaramachi
Fluffy Pancakes with a View
The perfect spot for the perfect pancakes
With a view of Shibuya crossing, Hoshino Coffee is the perfect spot for the perfect soufflé style pancakes. So thick and fluffy you'll wish you could have it for breakfast everyday!
Mexican Food at Guzman y Gomez
Get your burrito or taco fix here at GYG
Get your Mexican food fix at Guzman y Gomez - a place that serves up authentic Mexican flavors made from the highest quality ingredients.
Tiny Sushi at Sushiya no Nohachi
Where your sushi made with only one grain of rice
Attention to all the miniature enthusiasts out there: Super adorable itty-bitty sushi that is made with a single grain of rice at Sushiya no Nohachi in Asakusa!
Hooters Shibuya Gaming Bar Side B
Games and burgers in the heart of Shibuya
Hooters relies on a new game-centered concept to attract customers in Shibuya.
Cafe Seven Islands
Interesting cafe for local food on Naoshima
Food and conversation at Cafe Seven Islands on Naoshima
Found: 1376 results