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Wanto Burger in Kobe is an affordable and fun place to sample Kobe beef and steak in a burger.
Shouen Nikuichi invites diners to experience its high quality yet competitively priced Kobe beef at its new location in the heart of Tokyo.
To indulge in Kobe's celebrated beef in its namesake city, treat yourself at Wakkoqu in Kitano.
Steakhouse Pound PREMIUM Kamiya-cho offers customers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to taste dry-aged Kobe beef right in the heart of Tokyo.
Gion Beef MIKAKU on Shirakawa street, Kyoto: Only select female Japanese authentic beef is served. Beef is cut/sliced not by slicers but cleavers only. The restaurant has great, romantic atmosphere overlooking Shirakawa River in Gion district, Kyoto.
One thing travelers adore in Japan is the amount of themed cafes and restaurants there are. From horror to sumos and ninjas, from video games to space and stars, here are some of the best themed restaurants Tokyo has to offer.
Yoshinoya is a chain of fast food Japanese donburi restaurants famous for its gyudon beef bowls with locations throughout Japan and a few international locations around the
Green House Silva Café in Kobe: A little green oasis in the heart of the city