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4 Must-Visit Hamburger Eateries in Shinagawa City

Get your fix of this iconic American meal in Tokyo

Tokyo is a foodies’ paradise, filled with delicious eats, such as sushi, ramen, tempura, and—hamburgers? Although hamburgers are not traditionally Japanese, Tokyo has adopted this addictive food and offers a variety of spots where you can enjoy authentic and delicious interpretations.

Shinagawa City, located in the southern part of Tokyo’s central metropolitan area, is home to multiple restaurants that sell this hearty food staple. If you are craving a bite of American comfort food, check out our recommended eateries below.

7025 Franklin Avenue

Authentic hamburgers in a peaceful neighborhood

Mushroom cheeseburger
Mushroom cheeseburger

7025 Franklin Avenue, opened in 1990, is an authentic hamburger restaurant situated in a quiet residential area of Gotanda.

The restaurant has eight counter seats and 42 table seats.

Outside, the eatery features a spacious garden with terrace seating where you can enjoy your meal in the fresh air.

For five years, starting from 1980, Owner-Chef, Kouzou Matsumoto, studied hamburgers at a restaurant in Los Angeles. In 1990, he opened 7025 Franklin Avenue. Since the restaurant’s opening, many fans and local customers have been visiting.

Clubhouse Sandwich (Graham Bread)
Clubhouse Sandwich (Graham Bread)

“The most important concept about the business is why we are running it,” Matsumoto explained. Therefore, he happily shares his recipes with curious customers. Why not visit 7025 Franklin Avenue for yourself and explore the origin of Japan's hamburger culture?

7025 Franklin Avenue
Address: 3-15-18 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 141-0022
Business hours and holidays: Sunday: 11am–4pm Monday: 11am–2:30pm Wednesday-Saturday: 11am–7pm
Closed: Tuesday


Mountain lodge vibes and hearty hamburgers in the city

Grilled Mushroom Cheeseburger
Grilled Mushroom Cheeseburger

CAFE.ALPS is a short one minute walk from Ebara-Nakanobu Station and is located on the second floor of a building right in front of the station.

The design of the restaurant is reminiscent of a mountain lodge. “The name ‘Alps’ refers to the Japanese Alps. Specifically the Northern Alps,” the owner, Mr. Hashimoto explained. The wooden interior and some of the tables themselves were even handmade by Mr. Hashimoto. He decided to establish the store on the second floor because he thought it would feel more like a mountain lodge if it were higher up.

Mr. Hashimoto is always excited to talk about mountains with his regular customers. However, once they place an order, his face turns serious.

Only after he finishes cooking, does his smile return.

One of the restaurant’s delicious menu options is its Grilled Mushroom Cheeseburger. This decadent burger features addictive flavors, such as garlic, butter, and basil, and even has mozzarella cheese filled with brown mushrooms. The french fries can be replaced with onion rings.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy the calming atmosphere of a mountain cabin while sipping a large cup of coffee.

Address: 5th Sonics Building 2F, 2-15-7 Nakanobu, Shinagawa City, Tokyo
Business hours: 11am–8pm (L.O. 7:30pm)
Closed: No regular holidays (announced on Instagram)

Sherry's Burger Cafe

Pet-friendly cafe with mouth watering hamburgers

Avocado Cheeseburger
Avocado Cheeseburger

Sherry's Burger Cafe is a five-minute walk from Musashi-Koyama Station. From Musashi-Koyama Shopping Street Palm—located in front of the station—enter Musashi-Koyama Ichiban-dori Shoei Kai on a side street. Then walk a short distance to Sherry's Burger Cafe.

“The name of the restaurant comes from my dog’s name,” owner-chef Yuhei Ueno shared. “When I moved here, it was hard to find a place that allowed pets. I finally found one in Musashi-Koyama. I thought it was a nice town, so I opened my restaurant here. Sadly, my dog passed away before I completed the shop. Even so, she was the one who connected me with this town.”

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and is somewhat reminiscent of an American bar.

Even the coaster is a dog. Mr. Ueno loves dogs, so you can bring your own dog to his restaurant.

A delicious option on the menu is the Avocado Cheeseburger. The patty’s beef is sourced from Kagawa Prefecture, expertly grilled to a golden brown, and topped with ripe avocado and sharp cheddar cheese. Despite the rich ingredients, the burger doesn't feel heavy—making it popular among women.

The burger is served with french fries and finely chopped coleslaw. The coleslaw, in particular, is delicious because it is not acidic and is full of the natural sweetness from the vegetables. The side dish is the supporting role of the restaurant.

Sherry's Burger Cafe is a must-visit when you are in the area and want to enjoy a relaxing meal.

Sherry's Burger Cafe
Address: 3-7-12 Koyama, Shinagawa City, Tokyo
Business hours: 11:30am–3pm (LO 2:30pm); 6pm–9pm (LO 8:30pm), Lunch time only on days before a regular holiday

Fooler Fooler

Gourmet burgers with an Italian twist

Avocado and homemade bacon on a Bomburger
Avocado and homemade bacon on a Bomburger

While some people may associate Samezu Station with the nearby Driver's License Examination Center, just outside the east exit of this station is also the hamburger restaurant Fooler Fooler.

The interior of the restaurant is inspired by the Italian tavern “Osteria” and has brick walls that the owner reproduced using mortar.

The name “Fooler Fooler” was coined by adding “-er” to the English word, “fool.”

The restaurant is a place where guests can enjoy drinks at night, with a focus on sommelier-selected wine. The eatery’s name is based on the concept that everyone is welcome, whether they just want to have a spontaneous drink or a few more.

The restaurant is actually a sister restaurant of Pizzeria Bakka M'unica, another popular Neapolitan-style pizzeria in Samezu. The eatery’s experience in the pizza industry led to its development of homemade buns that take advantage of the shape known as “bomba” in Naples.

The restaurant bakes the homemade buns fresh with each order—carefully turning them one by one and baking them for about 90 seconds.

The patty and cheese are grilled to a golden brown on a burner, the bacon is homemade, and arugula is used in place of lettuce to create “a hamburger that can only be had here.” Fooler Fooler is constantly searching for new ways to elevate its burger recipe.

When you visit, you have to try one of the Bomburgers! One variety of this large burger has half an avocado. Regardless of your choice, the generous portion is guaranteed to make your stomach and soul happy. The bomba buns themselves are soft and fluffy—an unexpected texture in a typical hamburger.

The gourmet burgers are priced reasonably, so many people can enjoy them. The restaurant also has free Wi-Fi and power outlets. So, you can use them if you want to charge your batteries or work a little.

The restaurant also sells its homemade buns as takeout. Many customers enjoy using the buns and their favorite ingredients to create their own sandwiches at home.

Fooler Fooler’s burgers are a rewarding treat, made with the finest ingredients and flavors. If you are ever in Samezu, be sure to stop by.

Fooler Fooler
Address: 1-20-3 Higashi-Oi, Shinagawa City, Tokyo
Business hours: 11:30am–3pm; 5pm–10pm
Closed: No regular holidays (announced on Instagram)
URL (lunch):

Sink your teeth into an unforgettable burger!

While a hamburger may not be the first food you associate with Tokyo, it is certainly one you will not want to miss out on. So, next time you are perusing Tokyo’s culinary scene, be sure to stop by Shinagawa City for a fulfilling and passionately-crafted bite.

*Please note that the above information is subject to change.

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