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Previously known as Piss Alley, over 60 bars and restaurants are crammed along the side of Shinjuku JR station on the grounds used by post-war black market traders.
You haven't done Hiroshima if you haven't done Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki! Pull up a seat at the hotplate, watch the show and chow down on Hiroshima's "soul food".
Some essential Kanji to help you decipher meat related dishes.
To indulge in Kobe's celebrated beef in its namesake city, treat yourself at Wakkoqu in Kitano.
Yokohama Chinatown has more than 600 shops in only a 2500 square meter area. Passing through the entrance gate from any direction, you are in the middle of a passionate hot
Where else can you walk in and instantly be treated as a local? Hirome Ichiba, a friendly place to shop, eat, and meet people.
Ikkaku is a small chain restaurant which originated in Kagawa and now serves up incredible, succulent chicken in Osaka, Yokohama, Takamatsu and Marugame. The secret recipe keeps people coming back and queues for take away is quite common. Rumors have it that the secret taste has elements of garlic and paprika. 
Vegetarian Japan - A short history of food and vegetarianism in Japan