Hakone's Awesome Owaku-dani Valley

Appreciating the frightening power of nature

 By Tomoko Kamishima   May 18, 2012

Intense energy is popping up from under the clefts of rocks all around you. Phreatic explosions are taking place right under your feet. Welcome to Owaku-dani Valley! It must have been so scary for the ancient people who lived near here in the Hakone mountain ranges. Even now I experience a kind of helpless feeling when I see this eerie view. Why? I think it’s because we can’t do anything in the face of the sudden destructive power of Mother Earth.

Photography by Tomoko Kamishima
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Victoria Vlisides 9 months ago
Thanks for the photos... I was really sad Owakudani was closed when I traveled there in May 2016 for Golden Week :(
Odilia Djoenar 11 months ago
I went to Hakone before and can't go trough Owakudani because there were eruption. This picture helps me to imagine Owakudani is and also, the black egg!