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On Nabegataki Falls and Laputa Road 10 months ago
I wonder how the condition there after recent earthquakes :(
On Tabirai Japan Car Rental 11 months ago
Glad to know that Tabirai is also available in English! I've only been using the Japanese version until now, will definitely recommend this...
On Satta Toge Pass a year ago
Thanks for sharing this, Peter! Would definitely plan a visit to Satta Toge, and I hope the weather will be good.
On The Kohechi Pilgrimage Route a year ago
Thanks for sharing this, Celine! I saw this place once on TV program and have been wondering where the exact location is. Will definitely plan...
On Amanohashidate Maizuru Luxury Train a year ago
The luxury train sounds great! I remember taking the tango train once and it was one really old train!