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Tabirai Japan Car Rental

Making it easier than ever to get behind the wheel

Japan boasts many impressive and must-see sights across its numerous islands, but many of the country’s most beautiful areas are only accessible by car. While Japan has a dearth of car rental companies offering competing services, it can be time-consuming and stressful to try to sort through the many options. Tabirai Japan Car Rental streamlines the rental process, helping customers to find the right vehicle for their vacation with just a few easy steps.

Tabirai Japan Car Rental (English version) is a website that consolidates information and offers from multiple Japan-based car rental companies into one easy-to-search database. Customers can use the site to compare rates for their selected dates across a number of rental companies, selecting the one that best suits their budget.

The site can currently be navigated in multiple languages. English, Chinese and Korean speakers have specific sites dedicated to their native language; making bookings through those particular language portals assures that the car's GPS will be programmed in one of those two languages, a feature the Japanese-only site cannot guarantee. Nothing ruins a relaxing vacation faster than struggling to understand where to go while on the road.

The site also lists only rental car companies that have experience dealing with foreign customers, and all prices on the site are inclusive of the basic rental fee as well as CDW (collision damage waiver), car navigation system and tax. Drivers won't encounter any hidden fees at the counter.

Arranging a car rental through Tabirai Japan can be accomplished in just a few simple steps:

  1. Search The process begins with a simple search. Customers input dates, rental location and destination and the size of the vehicle that they prefer.
  2. Compare
    A list of rental options meeting the customer’s specified criteria will be displayed. Customers can then choose from a range of car rental offers, selecting the one that best suits their budget and needs.
  3. Confirm the details If you need a child seat, simply request one at this step of the process. Also be sure to confirm the location of your rental.
  4. Booking Simply enter your name and contact information and your order is complete! There is no need to submit any credit card information at the time of booking, nor is there any need to reconfirm your reservation before arrival at your chosen rental point. If you need to cancel your reservation, simply do so by using the Booking Information Box on the Tabirai Japan website.
  5. Complete your order
    Check over your information and when everything is in order, submit your reservation. The reservation number and password provided on the booking confirmation screen can be used to confirm or cancel the reservation through the Booking Information Box on the company homepage.

With a user-friendly website and assistance provided in a traveler's native language, Tabirai Japan makes it easy to see the best Japan has to offer, with your own set of wheels and at your own pace.

Rental websites specific to certain popular Japan destinations can be found in the links below:

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Kim a year ago
I like that it caters to various languages -- important for travelers!
Novriana Dewi 8 years ago
Glad to know that Tabirai is also available in English! I've only been using the Japanese version until now, will definitely recommend this to my friend!

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