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On Nabegataki Falls and Laputa Road 2 years ago
I wonder how the condition there after recent earthquakes :(
On Tabirai Japan Car Rental 2 years ago
Glad to know that Tabirai is also available in English! I've only been using the Japanese version until now, will definitely recommend this...
On Satta Toge Pass 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing this, Peter! Would definitely plan a visit to Satta Toge, and I hope the weather will be good.
On The Kohechi Pilgrimage Route 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing this, Celine! I saw this place once on TV program and have been wondering where the exact location is. Will definitely plan...
On Amanohashidate Maizuru Luxury Train 2 years ago
The luxury train sounds great! I remember taking the tango train once and it was one really old train!