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Kebab Cafe in Shibuya

Turkish halal restaurant in the midst of hectic Shibuya

The first time I got to know about this Kebab Cafe is from my senior at university who often visited Shibuya for her part time job. And how happy I was to find a halal restaurant that serves my favorite food here in Shibuya. Since I love Turkish food, almost all the menu items at this restaurant are great! You can really taste the typical Turkish spice in their food.

Like most places in Japan, cheaper lunch sets are available compared to dinner, and you will also get a bowl of soup along with typical Turkish chay tea as a set.

There are also two kinds of dessert that this restaurant offer, which are Baklava (typical Turkish pastry with more that 40 thin pastry layers) and rice pudding. Both are perfect as a dessert after your Turkish meal.

This restaurant is actually quite small, where only the seats towards the rear can accommodate groups of more than 4 people. Other seats are for 2 people.

It could be a bit difficult to find this Kebab Cafe for those who come here for the first time because of its location, near LABI Shibuya on Bunkamura-dori. From here you can follow the road in the direction of Don Quijote, until you can see big H&M store on the other side of the road.

If you are happen to be in Shibuya, maybe to take pictures with Hachiko or just to cross that famous Shibuya crossing, don't forget to stop by at this halal Kebab Cafe to taste the typical Turkish cuisine.

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Jihad Mahmoud 7 years ago
I have been there once and I sure love their food.

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