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Sendai's Only Stamp and Coin Shop
Commerce, art, design, and power make a great gift
Appropriately located in Sendai's historic department store Fujisaki, this small shop is the only one in the city that specializes in old and collectible Japanese coins and stamps.
Zao Fox Village
Shiroishi's cute fox Reserve
On Mt. Zao near the Kawarago Dam in Miyagi Prefecture sits an animal reserve specializing in foxes known as Fox Village.
Ishinomaki Fish Market
Witness the auctions at Japan's largest regional fish market
Ishinomaki Fish Market is the largest fish market in Japan, acting as a conduit for the Minami-sanriku coastal region – one of the world's largest fishing grounds.
Ishinomaki Community & Info Center
Insights into the ongoing reconstruction
Ishinomaki Community & Info Center (ICIC) was opened to provide a space to help inform and educate visitors about the ongoing reconstruction efforts throughout Ishinomaki city.
'Ganbarō Ishinomaki' & Tsunagu-kan
Tsunami memorial to 3/11
The 'Ganbarō Ishinomaki' sign in the coastal Minamihama area is an important stop on any visit to Ishinomaki.
A Day Trip to Minamisanriku
Nature and a vegetarian lunch--with a side of octopus
Among other sites in Minamisanriku, a visitor can enjoy a vegetarian lunch at the Sansankan, the dramatic rocks of Kamiwarizaki, and Yes Kobo the creative home of Octopus-kun.
Riding the Horse's Back
Exploring one of the best hiking spots in Miyagi
Uma no Se is a narrow peninsula jutting out into the Matsushima Bay. It’s located between the cities of Shiogama and Matsushima. The natural beauty surrounding the area is breathtaking. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended for adventurers, hikers, and people who just love nature.
Ernie's Bar in Sendai
Local hot spot for over a decade and counting
Ernie's Bar in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture is a local legend. Owned by an expat right out of London, Ernie welcomes foreigners and Japanese with his lounge style bar located in the heart of the entertainment district.
Real Pizza at Kitchen Jagaimo
An authentic pizzeria in Ishinomaki is worth the trip
Looking for the best pizza in Tohoku? This might be it. Kitchen Jagaimo features hand-made pizzas in a brick oven, charming atomsphere, and English speaker and menu! Look no farther, and follow your nose to Ishinomaki.
Tashirojima Cat Island
The cat island of Miyagi prefecture
Come visit a Cat Island in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Tashirojima is the place to feed and play with cats, stay in Cat Cabins, and even pay your respects to the cat shrine.
Found: 319 results