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Sendai's Only Stamp and Coin Shop
Commerce, art, design, and power make a great gift
Appropriately located in Sendai's historic department store Fujisaki, this small shop is the only one in the city that specializes in old and collectible Japanese coins and stamps.
Real Pizza at Kitchen Jagaimo
An authentic pizzeria in Ishinomaki is worth the trip
Looking for the best pizza in Tohoku? This might be it. Kitchen Jagaimo features hand-made pizzas in a brick oven, charming atomsphere, and English speaker and menu! Look no farther, and follow your nose to Ishinomaki.
Hotel Metropolitan Sendai
The epitome of luxury in the city of Sendai
Treat yourself to luxury and the highest level of hospitality at the Hotel Metropolitan Sendai
Rairaikyo Gorge in Akiu
Mysterious rocks, hiking, and easy access nature
Rairaikyo Gorge is a magical 1km hiking trail along the Natori River in Akiu Onsen, near Sendai.
Night Life in Kokubunchô, Sendai
Neon lights, alcohol, fun, repeat
You think the Tohoku region is calm and serene? Think again! From the sunset, Kokubunchô comes to life and animates the city of Sendai for several hours.
Sendai for Free
10 activities for any budget
From drinking to zen meditation, here are the top 10 free activities in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.
Sugawara Sake Shop in Sendai
Standing sake bar in the middle of downtown
Sugawara Sake Shop has been serving up drinks since 1865! Located across from the Disney Store on Hirose-dori, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.
Oku-Nikkawa Campground, Sendai
Forest, rivers, and adventure
The Oku-nikkawa Campground is campground in the mountains outside the center of Sendai City. It is located a 5 minute walk from Oku-nikkawa Station on the JR Senzan Line. With adequate facilities for camping and outdoor leisure, it is an ideal outing to experience nature.
Daily's Muffin
A small store with lots of muffins!
Daily's Muffin is a centrally located store with a lot to offer. Everything looks good, tastes good, and you can enjoy it all in-store with a warm drink.
Cafe Saji and Aisu no Ie
Slow food and ice-cream
Cafe Saji and Aisu no Ie, great food at great prices located in a garden center
Found: 379 results