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Hotel Green Park Sendai

Hotel Green Park Sendai

Elena Lisina

Hotel Green Park Sendai is attractive for the accommodation price, spacious rooms, good location and neighborhood. It’s conven..

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Zao Fox Village

Zao Fox Village is located in the Shiroishi mountains of Zao, just one-hour from Sendai, Miyagi. This zoo/sanctuary is dedicated to foxes, with multiple..


Entsuin Temple

Entsū-in (円通院) is a Buddhist temple located in the town of Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Shiroishi Castle

Shiroishi Castle

Michael B

There are many great castles in Japan, and while Shiroishi castle can’t match up to the scale of some of Japan's most famo..

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A Trip to Naruko 18

A Trip to Naruko

Elena Lisina

Arriving at JR Naruko Station you will see kokeshi dolls in the window and inside the station. A region rich with wood is famous..

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