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The Calmness of Hōryū-ji, Nara
Ancestral beauty for a refreshed soul
Let the hundreds and hundreds of years of this sacred location refresh your soul... Hōryū-ji, a place not to miss if you visit Nara!
Maguro Koya
Get in quick for the best tuna in Nara
まぐろ小屋 or Maguro Koya or little tuna house is a hard to notice, tucked away, jam packed Tuna/Fatty tuna belly restaurant which is completely worth the visit if you are in Nara.
Setsubun Mantoro
Nara marks the start of spring
At the Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara, more than 3,000 lanterns in the precincts are lit up.
Sarusawa Pond in Nara
A sad story with a beautiful view
The Sarusawa Pond was created in 749 and is surrounded by the grounds of the Kofukuji Temple. The five storied pagoda of Kofukuji Temple is a picturesque backdrop to the outline of willow trees that circle the reflective lake.
Mechanical Toys & Puppet Museum
Play with antique karakuri handicrafts in Naramachi
The Edo Period Toy Museum which can be visited by everyone who wants to play the toys used by children in ancient times. The creativity and wisdom of these toy and puppet masters are simply amazing, giving Nara a welcome change from the temples and gardens.
Traditional performing arts can be enjoyed at this annual festival held since the 12th century.
For over 250 years, people have gathered at the base of Mt. Wakakusa in Nara on the fourth Saturday in January to watch the mountain burn.
Big Buddha's Legacy in Nara
Enjoy a great view visiting Todaiji
Throughout many centuries, a pair of eyes have taken care of Nara. They belong to Big Buddha (Daibutsu), the biggest bronze Buddha figure in the world.
Souvenirs from Japan
Souvenirs with special meanings
Souvenirs from Japan that show different aspects of Japanese culture
Kurokawa Honke in Nara
Enjoy various dishes made with arrowroot
During the summer season, at Kurokawa Honke (黒川本家), located in Nara city, many dishes with arrowroot incorporated, like the cold pasta made with arrowroot starch, are served. The restaurant is a mid-range, stylish, and chic location that offers a peaceful and welcoming dining atmosphere and experience.
Found: 205 results