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Nara Scenes
Deer in small corners of Nara
Photos taken during a one day visit to Nara.
Mechanical Toys & Puppet Museum
Play with antique karakuri handicrafts in Naramachi
The Edo Period Toy Museum which can be visited by everyone who wants to play the toys used by children in ancient times. The creativity and wisdom of these toy and puppet masters are simply amazing, giving Nara a welcome change from the temples and gardens.
For over 250 years, people have gathered at the base of Mt. Wakakusa in Nara on the fourth Saturday in January to watch the mountain burn.
Kansai Helicopter Tours
Views of rural Nara and with the Sasayuri-ann aerial tour
Nara City Tourist Information
Centers at both major stations have visitors covered

With locations at both of Nara City's major train stations the Nara City Tourist Information Centers provide convenient services to all visitors

Dorogawa Onsen Ryusenji Temple
Autumn at a Nara Mountain Gem

Ancient folklore, traditional architecture, a lack of crowds and stunning autumn leaves at the height of color make Ryusenji Temple in Nara's Dorogawa Onsen an excellent place to take in Japan's season glory

Hozanji Temple in Nara's Ikoma City
A traditional temple and setting unsullied by tourism

Hozanji Temple on the slopes of Mt. Ikoma in Nara is unsullied by heavy tourist traffic and fully of great contrast in terms of its setting and architecture

Mt. Ikoma on the Nara Osaka Border
Awesome views and fun walks

Mt. Ikoma is a great outing for anyone in Osaka, Nara or Kyoto. Panoramic views of the Kansai area, clear mountain air, an amusement park for families (in season) and hiking or thought provoking walks await those who make the tri

Hot Spring Hotel Nosegawa in Nara
Comfort maintained in the depths of nature

Hotel Nosegawa Onsen in Oku-Koyasan (Deep Koya) in the least populated mountain village in Nara is the perfect place to escape the demands of society while maintaining its comforts

La Pause Cafe of the Forest
A classy western style cafe with bi-lingual service

After exploring the sites and sounds of Nara Park the French/western style Cafe La Pause in Shinomiya is a great place to take a pause and enjoy high quality coffee, pastries and cafe food

Found: 248 results