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Japan is known for taking restaurants and cafes to an entirely different level, so here we introduce some of the coolest and craziest theme restaurants.

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Enter the 8-bit world in a video game themed café in Shinjuku and play Super Nintendo and more with other guests!
Tokyo's Final Fantasy themed cafe with interior and menu items based on the video game's location and characters.
Unique and exceptionably well executed – a heaven for Peter Rabbit fans.
Experience fun-filled and robot-decorated dishes at Gundam Cafe in Akihabara, where you can both eat and play with Gundam Winged robots.
The Capcom Bar is one of the best themed restaurant in Tokyo. It is very unique and offers all kind of entertainment as well as great drinks and food. So if you like Biohazard, Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter or any of the Capcom games, going to the Capcom Bar is a must.
The Milky Way Café in Tokyo is a star-themed cafe serving delicious ice-cream. It has a wonderful view of Ikebukuro and is the perfect place to relax when you need a break from traveling. 
Celebrate the first anniversary of Robot Restaurant with its array of neon colors, scantily-clad dancers and array of mechanical robots and dinos.