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Japan is synonymous with the use of robots in everyday life, not to mention a global leader of research into the field of robotics. Browse these robot-related articles.

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Unicorn Gundam Statue in Odaiba

Odaiba's old RX-78-2 Gundam statue has been replaced by a new RX-0 Unicorn Gundam model. The new statue can transform between two modes and visitors can catch the switch at specific times of the day.

Robotics Expo in Tokyo

In December of 2015, hundreds of the world’s most advanced robots crowded the massive Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center for the biennial iREX International Robot Exhibition.

Robot Hotel Opens in Japan

Robot Hotel Opens in Japan

Henn-na Hotel, which literally translates to "Strange Hotel" in English, became the first robot-staffed hotel in the world when it opened on July 17th, 2015, in Nagasaki's Huis Ten Bosch theme park.

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Robots, dancers and flashing lights. This is a memorable dining experience that can only be found in Japan. Visit the robot restaurant in shinjuku, Tokyo.

RoboCup Japan Open 2015 in Fukui

RoboCup Japan Open, the annual autonomous robots competition, was held in 2015 in Fukui. The winner of this annual competition will proceed to the international Robocup (which will be held in China this year).