Robotics at Cyberdyne Studio

Interactive exhibit at Iias Shopping Centre in Tsukuba

By Ayn Gonzales    - 1 min read

Robots are “heroes”, says one of the colorful notes plastered on the wall right before the entrance to Cyberdyne’s gallery in iiAS Tsukuba Shopping Center. Cyberdyne is a company built by robotics engineer and professor, Yoshiyuki Sankai.

The Cyberdyne studio feature exhibits and interactive lectures about the role of Cybernics and robot suit HAL® (Hybrid Assistive Limbs) in medicine, heavy works industry, entertainment, and other fields. It’s a fascinating experience to be able to wear a part of a robot! So if ever you find yourself in Tsukuba make sure you drop by Cyberdyne.

Basic admission is free and the studio is open from 10:00–21:00. They also offer other programs such as the group guided tour and HAL® demonstration, more information can be found at their website.

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