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RoboCup Japan Open 2015 in Fukui

Autonomous robots compete to go to the World Robocup!

Robocup is an international scientific competition of autonomous robots with an aim to beat the human soccer World Cup champions by 2050. Since its establishment in 1997 by Japanese researchers, it expanded worldwide, and national and international competitions have been held each year. In 2015, before the coming international Robocup in July in Hefei, China, the Robocup Japan Open was held from May 2 to May 4 in Fukui. As a secret fan of robots in any shape, I visited it to find cute autonomous robots trying to beat each other. Although I can't buy one as they are too expensive (1 million yen each), I may be able to live until the day when they beat the human soccer champions by 2050! It will be held annually, don't miss it when it comes to your town!

The information on Robocup can be found at the URL below. Robocup Japan Open Homepage Robocup International Homepage

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