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Snow Garden of Shougenji Temple

Beautiful Japanese garden covered in snow

During this new year holiday, I visited the lovely Japanese Garden of Shougenji Temple to see it covered in snow. This temple is not known by tourists, so I was the only one who was taking photos. Some local visitors who came for a New Year's celebration stared at me curiously, which didn't make me hesitate to step deep into the garden. What awaited me there was an unexpected attack from above. A huge chunk of snow dropped on my head from a tree and I, as well as my camera, was drenched from head to toe! I was worried about my camera, but looking at the photos I took it's somehow still working. Bravo Nikon! For other photos of the temple in different season, please refer to the links below.

Fukui's Shougenji Temple Series 1. Shougenji Temple, Fukui 2. Beauty of Shougenji Temple: Fukui 3. Fukui's Shougenji Temple in Snow 4. Snow Garden of Shougenji Temple

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