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Beauty of Shougenji Temple: Fukui

Enjoy a pretty landscaped Japanese garden!

I found this temple, Shougenji, on my way home. It is the head temple of 'Gugan Shinshu', which was founded in Fukui as a new sect of Jodo Shinshu in the Meiji Period. Since I found it by chance, I didn't expect it to be so beautiful. Especially, the pretty Japanese garden and the colored leaves around the belfry pleased my eyes. In the garden, there is a lotus pond in the corner of which irises are also planted. Just beside the pond, there is a wisteria trellis as well. The grounds of this temple must be beautiful all year-round. When I visited, the early autumn leaves were turning color, which contrasted clearly with green trees under a blue sky. They were just beautiful.

Fukui's Shougenji Temple Series 1. Shougenji Temple, Fukui 2. Beauty of Shougenji Temple: Fukui 3. Fukui's Shougenji Temple in Snow 4. Snow Garden of Shougenji Temple

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