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Seifuso Onsen Hotel

Awara onsen is a famous hot spring resort town in Fukui prefecture, situated 18 kilometers north of Fukui city. The town has a rich history dating back to 1883.

Stay at Auberge Fujii Fermier

In addition to the soothing atmosphere, beautiful nature, and delicious foods, at Auberge Fujii Fermier you can enjoy a variety of seasonal farming and fishing experiences. You will know far more deeply the Japanese local culture through those experiences.

Fukui's Hotel Somayama

The hotel Somayama (in Fukui's Minami-Echizen district) is the place to stay if you are interested in the Hanahasu Lotus Park. Located right on the edge of a field full

Shibuki Onsen Yurari

Shibuki Onsen Yurari is the only onsen resort in Echizen City in Fukui Prefecture, and has two main buildings connected by an incline elevator.