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Capsule Hotels vs Hostels

Capsule Hotels vs Hostels

I am always looking for ways to save money. Japan’s cheap capsule and hostel accommodation appeal to my thriftiness and overall sense of adventure.

Vivi Capsule and Spa, Roppongi

Just three minutes from Roppongi station in central Tokyo, Vivi Capsule and Spa is a cheap, comfortable place to stay, with cosy capsules, a sauna, massage salon and hot stone spa.

Capsule Inn Kamata

Convenient for Tokyo's Haneda Airport, Capsule Inn Kamata is an affordable, well equipped capsule hotel, a uniquely Japanese accommodation experience.

Guesthouse Wasabi Nippori

Guesthouse Wasabi is very conveniently located a few stops from Tokyo Station on the Joban Line, near Mikawashima Station. The guesthouse can actually be seen from the train as you approach Mikawashima Station - it is a two-minute walk away! The location of the guesthouse is one of the top factors travelers take in when it comes to choosing Guesthouse Wasabi.