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Sumikkogurashi Store in Dazaifu

Sumikkogurashi fans, rejoice! The Sumikkogurashi store in Dazaifu, Fukuoka, has all the merchandise you can imagine, and all you’ll ever need.

Dazaifu, Fukuoka, is a small city a short journey out of Fukuoka’s city center. Renowned for the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, the main street leading to the shrine is lined with numerous food stalls selling everything from traditional Japanese confectionery, to modern dessert shops and souvenirs.

A hidden gem for Sumikkogurashi fans, however, is the Sumikkogurashi store located mid-way through the main street.

All things Sumikkogurashi!

Just seeing the entrance to the store will send fans of the small, cute characters of the popular Sumikkogurashi series into a frenzy. A traditional Japanese shophouse is outfitted with Sumikkogurashi-themed designs: Two floor-to-ceiling lanterns in the series’ traditional pink, blue, and cream pastels display the words ‘すみっコぐらし’ (Sumikkogurashi in Japanese characters) bracket the entrance, and cloth posters with various character designs are framed both outside the store and at various places within.

Walking into the store, what first greets you is a corner full of souvenirs based on the Sumikkogurashi series. Everything from cookies, strawberry-filled mochi, and sponge cakes, to tea leaves and tea sets, are displayed. Just one box from this section will make the perfect souvenir for both you and your family: you, to keep the packaging after the contents are eaten, and your family, who won’t be able to bear eating the cutely-designed sweets wrapped up in aesthetically-pleasing packaging.

Every step further into the store brings you one step closer to Sumikkogurashi heaven. All the merchandise you can imagine is sold here: from standard goods like keychains, stationery, and eating utensils, to uniquely Dazaifu-only merchandise like goshuincho (seal stamp books), ema (wooden plaques found at shrines and temples for worshippers to write their prayers on) and omamori (Japanese amulets) are sold here. Whether you’re looking to buy new designs of common merchandise or add to your expansive collection of Sumikkogurashi goods, this store definitely stocks all you need.

The Sumikkogurashi shop located in Dazaifu, Fukuoka is perfect for both die-hard fans of the series and tourists who have a preference for cute things. If you ever find yourself in Fukuoka, spare a day, or even just half a day, exploring Dazaifu’s shrines, food, and, of course, the Sumikkogurashi store.

Getting there

The Sumikkogurashi store is located a 2-minute walk from Dazaifu Station, on the main street. It is around 30 minutes away from Fukuoka’s city center via the Nishitetsu line.

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