Ginza (Photo: Endarastya Sarah)
Ginza (Photo: Endarastya Sarah)
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Let Me Take You to Japan

Enjoy your trip to Japan through these pictures

What's this all about? Well, after I got the opportunity to be an intern at a few months ago (thanks to Claire, Tom, Coline, and others Japan Travel team!), I was very excited to not just take my first trip to Japan but also experience travelling solo for the first time! I was worried if it would be okay to travel alone, but I know that I was very excited at the same time.

<p>Let me take you to Japan!</p>
Let me take you to Japan! (Photo: Endarastya Sarah)

So, after 5 weeks in Japan, I had to say goodbye to everyone and everything. I had to go back to Indonesia, back to my routine, and so on. And here I am. After almost 2 months back to Indonesia, I'm missing being right there in Japan. I miss the people, the landscape, the routine, the language (even if I can't speak Japanese well), and everything related to it.

So, I tried to find some pictures related to Japan on Google for a new desktop background, but I realised I also took a lot of decent pictures myself. Finally I re-opened my 'JapanTravel' folder on my laptop and found some great pictures that would work great on my desktop! So, I came up with this idea to produce desktop wallpaper images to share with the JapanTravel community.

There's so many people who admire Japan. Some of my friends also said to me that it was fun to see my photo updates and captions about Japan on Instagram and Facebook. So, I shared again some pictures in high resolution that people can freely download and set as a background.

I made them support from 1366x769 up to 3840x2158, so you can find the best resolution for your desktop, and I also made a Windows Theme Pack, if you're using Windows 7.

You can download the images here on JapanTravel or Google Drive. I hope this brings you closer to Japan even though only through a picture.

Enjoy your trip to Japan through these pictures! Jā, mata ne!

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Thanks a lot for sharing you pics!!!! I hope I have opportunity to join internship that Japan Travel held^^
Sarah Endarastya Author 7 years ago
my pleasure :) hope you'll get the chance, good luck!
Daniel Vesey 8 years ago
That is a good idea to share these photos for people to download in Google Drive! You have some nice photos here. I don't think many people will leave Japan happily!
Sarah Endarastya Author 7 years ago
Glad you like it :) I think so, most people might be sad to leave Japan.
Elain Cham 8 years ago
These photos make me miss Japan :(
Sarah Endarastya Author 7 years ago
That's the point. Let me take you there again through my photos. Enjoy :)
Relinda Puspita 8 years ago
Exploring Japan is never boring.
Sarah Endarastya Author 7 years ago
NEVER! Makes me wanna go back again and again.
Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
What a cool idea to share!
Sarah Endarastya Author 7 years ago
Glad you like the idea! Enjoy and keep sharing :)

Thank you for your support!

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