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The Japan Cultural Expo is a nationwide celebration of Japanese arts and culture, designed to appeal to a broad domestic and international audience through a diverse program of content, including exhibitions, performing arts productions, and arts festivals.

The inter-agency project, launched in the fervent build-up to Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, has drawn on public- and private-sector support to deliver a multi-year programme of events and activities, spearheaded by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Japan Arts Council.

As well as reignite people’s interest in what makes the arts special, the expo has strived to bring people closer to experience them like never before.

Oyama Afuri Shrine
Nobody Knows Tour – DEC 2021

Oyama’s Cultural Heritage

Read about this day tour — one of many designed to bring Japan’s traditional culture and performance arts to life through real, live experiences that can be felt and interacted with by participants.

Tokyo National Museum exhibition
Jan 7th—March 13th @ Tokyo National Museum

The World of Traditional Performing Arts Exhibition

A stunning new exhibition at Tokyo National Museum highlights the artisanship, history, culture and legacy of five traditional Japanese performing arts

Junko Kawamura at Japan Arts Council

The Future of the Japan Cultural Expo

Learn about how the expo is redefining itself in 2022 to bring Japan's beauty—through its arts and culture—to more audiences around the world. See how interaction and community take center-stage thanks to the expo's updated VIRTUAL PLATFORM.

Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM

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