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From the Kumano Sanzan route to the mountain temples of Koyasan
From the Kumano Sanzan route to the
the mountain temples of Koyasan


Cherry Blossom in Kanagawa Prefecture

Cherry Blossom Highlights

There are many places to enjoy the cherry blossom in Kanagawa prefecture. With popular spots, model courses showcasing the cherry blossoms, and other various cherry blossom events why not enjoy a visit to Kanagawa this spring?

Due to the pandemic, some cherry blossom events and festivals may be cancelled or scaled back in 2021 — please always check in advance with the official site.

Explore Kanagawa Prefecture

Yokohama, Kawasaki

Kanagawa's urban centers to the east of the prefecture are replete with hidden cherry blossom spots like Mitsuike Park, Negishi Forest Park or Sankeien Garden.

Central Area

The Central Area of Kanagawa prefecture invites visitors to discover the charms of both its abundant nature and suburban cities, with both hiding a range of cherry blossom destinations.

Shonan Area

This coastal region has you covered with cherry blossom spots waiting to be discovered across Enoshima, Fujisawa and Chigasaki.

Yokosuka, Miura

Follow the coastline south from Yokosuka City around the Miura Peninsula to find some extra special cherry blossom spots along the way.

Western Area

Kanagawa's Western Area is home to some stunning nature. Explore Hakone's own cherry blossom hotspots or head to the coastal region of Odawara, Yugawara and Manazaru.

Build your own Kanagawa trip

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