Yamagata – Spiritual & Sightseeing

A prefecture of two halves

Welcome to Yamagata

Yamagata prefecture in northern Japan's Tohoku region represents a multi-faceted gem, ripe with recommended destinations to suit any kind of traveller.

To the west, the mountainous domain of Dewa Sanzan holds spiritual significance for pilgrimages from across Japan, but welcomes all kinds of visitor to discover its serene natural environment. Adventurers may look to conquer the three individual hikes of Mount Haguro, Gassan or Yudono, or why not adopt a slower pace while following the temple trail? Curious types may feel empowered learning about the local Yamabushi guides, while gourmet lovers can find inspiration in the local 'shojin ryori' diet that was born here.

To the east, expect a different tempo with attractions ranging from the hot spring resort of Ginzan Onsen to winter sports by day and snow monsters by night at Zao Onsen. Discover one of the most significant Kumano shrines in all of Japan at Kumano-taisha, or seek out the summit at Yamadera and the panoramic mountain that lie in wait.

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Yamagata tour
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Spiritual Tour

Immerse all of your senses in the unique Japanese spiritual culture. Touring the Three Mountains of Dewa - "Dewa Sanzan" is a not to be missed experience while in Yamagata.


  • Experience ​​Dewa Sanzan, the ​famous pilgrimage path along the ​three ​sacred mountains of Haguro, Gassan and Yudono.
  • View an unforgettable maiko dance at Somaro Maiko Teahouse full of Kyoto-like charm and atmosphere in the northern port city of Sakata
  • T​aste​ the simple yet sophisticated ​ ​"shojin ryori," ​monk cuisine​,​ while staying ​in historic "shukubo," monk lodging, ​on Mt. Haguro​
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Discover the spiritual side of Yamagata

Sightseeing tour
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Best Sightseeing Spots in Yamagata

Stay at deluxe Japanese-style "ryokan" hotels in Ginzan and Zao Onsen - the two top recommended sightseeing spots in Yamagata. Yamagata is a fruit kingdom in Japan throughout summer and autumn. Enjoy both "onsen" hot springs and delicious fruit during your visit to Yamagata!


  • Stay at Ginzan Onsen, where the vintage romantic feel of Taisho Roman era lives on
  • Discover the scenic mountain-top temple of Yamadera with a specialist tour guide
  • Experience the best of the mountainous Zao area, while staying at the Zao Onsen resort
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Top sightseeing itineraries in Yamagata