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Ureshiimonoya 7


Sherilyn Siy

Ureshii means 'joyful', and Ureshiimonoya or 'the shop of joyful things' is the perfect name for this charming little..

Saitama 4
The Costco at Shinmisato

The Costco at Shinmisato

Andrew Kehoe

Costco in Shinmisato is a true example of real American pizza and a total bargain at that. ¥1450 puts a large pizza in your ha..

Saitama 2
Kato Dairy Farm 8

Kato Dairy Farm

Sherilyn Siy

Whenever we miss the American Midwest, we take a trip to Kato Dairy Farm. We buy a waffle cone or a bottle of non homogenized milk..