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Moment of Peace at Eiheiji Temple 1

Ethereal beauty found in deep forest in Fukui

Eiheiji Temple is the most famous, and probably the biggest (330,000 ㎡ = 0.13 sq mile) temple in Fukui. Due to its fame and significance, whenever I have visitors from outside Fukui, this is the place I take them. Therefore, I'd already visited it a few times as a guide but had never found it as beautiful as I did at the latest visit. It was in late July just after it had rained and the whole place was breathtakingly beautiful. As soon as I entered the gate I felt as though I was enveloped by the spirit of green forest, or Zen, or something ethereal. It was a spiritual experience and I just wanted to be there forever. For more photos please see my other photo story. For detailed information please refer to the complete guide about the temple.

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