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Moment of Peace at Eiheiji Temple 2

Immersed in tranquility at 'Temple of eternal peace'!

When you go to Eiheiji temple in Fukui, you'll find beauty at every turn you make. Even before you enter the temple buildings you'll be surrounded by ethereal beauty and spirit of the mountain forest. Although this temple is beautiful all year-round, in winter it's cold and some of the buildings will be covered by blue sheets to protect them from heavy snow, so my recommendation is to visit there in early summer or in autumn. These photos were taken just after rain in late July and everything looked fresh and green. The temple complex is sprawled on the hillside, providing the majestic view from the top. You can find some of the photos of the outside of the temple here, also for detailed information about Eiheiji temple please refer to the complete guide on Japan Travel.

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