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Spring on Sakura Street in Fukui

Cherry blossoms in full bloom under the blue sky!

Fukui's winter lasts a long time. This winter lasted four long months, through which the people of Fukui just persevered silently. Therefore, this year's arrival of spring is something special. I've turned myself into a sakura hunter, and have been checking sakura forecasts ever since spring began in Fukui. First, I visited Sakaeno Yashiro Shrine to see the first cherry blossoms of this year. Next, I walked down 'Sakura Street' to appreciate the fully blooming cherry trees lining the street for miles. This street is an arterial road that runs from east to west in the center of Fukui city, and is so named for its beautiful cherry trees decorating the sidewalk. It was a beautiful sunny day and many people were admiring the pretty blossoms that celebrate the arrival of spring to Fukui!

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