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Takatori Pottery Festival

Explore and purchase pottery at a discount in Fukuoka

Venue: Various destinations in Nogata, Fukuoka When: Late Apr 2024

Takatori pottery is a type of traditional ceramicware that was brought to Fukuoka from Korean potters back in the 16th Century, and it's known for its distinctive aesthetic qualities including rustic shapes, rough textures, and earthy tones. If you'd like to explore Takatori ware for yourself, a great way to do that is at the annual Takatori Pottery Festival, which has been running for over six decades now.

One of the main drawcards of the event is being able to purchase Takatori ware at a significant discount, with all products at 20% off the usual retail price.

Getting there

The Takatori Pottery Festival takes place at several destinations around the Nogata area of Fukuoka, including Eimanji Kiln (高取焼永満寺窯), the Hiromitsu Sueyoshi Takatori Pottery Studio (高取焼工房末吉宏光), and the Hata Public Hall. The general area is just over 10 minutes by private vehicle or taxi from Nogata Station, which is served by the Chikuhō Main Line.


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