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Unique Experience in Shirakawa-go

Enjoy traditional Japanese life at “Magoemon” Inn

Shirakawa-go, nestled in at the edge of the Shokawa River, is famous for its Gassho-zukuri (houses with thatched roofs) village. From the village, you can command a fine view of the snow-covered Mt. Hakusan. The uniquely shaped houses and their roofs have been passed down and protected from generation to generation since 400 years ago. In 1976 the village was selected as a national preservation district for the group of a historic buildings there, and then, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Magoemon, a typical Gassho-zukuri house, is a riverside inn located in the center of Shirakawa-go. They charge just a little over 10,000 yen a night, including two meals. They only have a communal lavatory and bathroom, but we didn’t feel stress because not many people stayed there that night, and everyone was friendly.

At the entrance, there is a wooden board to hit to inform them when a visitor has arrived. The first room is a wide-open tatami mat room with a traditional fireplace. We had dinner and breakfast here. Several small rooms next to this dining room are guest rooms. Our room was down the hall and about 10 square meters. It was simple but very neat and clean. Ouside the sliding doors, there was a wooden veranda with a small table and two straw cushions. We really enjoyed a tranquil time here in the evening and the morning, looking outside and watching people passing by.

By the way, in this village, the head of a family passes on their name from generation to generation, and so did the name of “Magoemon.” But the owner told me that custom was ended several decades ago. No matter what people try to do to preserve the old ways, our life style seems to change, little by little, doesn't it?

After the completion of a new expressway, access to Shirakawa-go has become much easier than before. More than a million visitors stop by this mysterious remote spot each year. And at the same time, the life of the residents has changed step by step. Most of the tourists who visit this village spend only a few hours here, and leave after a quick walk around and taking several snap shots. They don’t know how beautiful it is before sunset and after sunrise, how diligent and tidy the local people are, and how peacefully time is flowing under a sky full of stars. If you have a chance to visit here, please enjoy the nature of Shirakawa-go by staying overnight!

For reservations, contact: TEL 05769-6-1167 FAX 05769-6-1851

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Anh Minh 5 years ago
What an inspiring video. I've marked this place as one of my must-go destination however still have not a chance to go there. This time I will definitely visit this beautiful region!!!
Radica Sooknarine 8 years ago
I was lucky enough to visit here. It's such an amazing place! Your video brought back some beautiful memories!

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