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Walking around Shirakawa-go

Refreshed by a variety of sounds of nature

There were many pretty little flowers blooming in Shirakawa-go in late May: marguerite, clematis, spirea, iris, and others. They were swinging along in the soft breeze. Walking around the paths, I sometimes stopped and listened to a variety of sounds of nature: the murmur of flowing water, the ting-a-ling of wind chimes, the comfortable sound of a nice mixture of soft breeze and the music of birds. When the wind comes, the sky of the mirror image on water-filled rice fields slightly vibrated. I had fun walking in the beautiful sunshine and fresh green in the afternoon.

Shirakawa-go Video Series:

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Elena Lisina 7 years ago
Very peaceful... Thank you for good video. I'd definitely like to visit that place!

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