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Myozenji Temple in Shirakawa-go

A temple with the biggest thatched roof in the village

On February 9th in 2015, I arrived at the final destination of my trip, World Heritage Site Hida Shirakawa-go, and walked into the village full of traditional thatched roof houses.

As I walked, my umbrella got heavier by the minute, due to the never-ending snow falling from the sky. At last, I reached the Kuri building of Myozenji Temple, which has the biggest thatched-roof in the village.

The thatched-roof building's magnificence awed me. Also, the unique structure of the belfry gate with peaked roof on the first floor, and the thatched roof on the second was a sight to behold! My dream finally came true...I'd been waiting many years to see Shirakawago in snow! It was time to go home, but I swore to myself I would come back again.

Hida Shirakawa-go: A World Heritage Site 1. Shirakawa-go in Snow 2. Myozenji Temple in Shirakawa-go

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