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Japan SIM Cards by Mobal

Stay connected while traveling in Japan

One of the absolute musts in Japan is having connectivity wherever you travel. Whether navigating the trains, translating a menu item, or using local maps, being connected provides that all-important peace of mind. Plus, you never know when you may need to quickly share your latest sushi photo!

With Mobal, you’ll not only have complete access to a Japan-wide network, you’ll also be privy to some of the best service options out there.

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What makes Mobal so special?

Having a Japanese SIM card makes staying in touch with friends and family—not to mention navigating Japan—a breeze. But how do you choose the card for you? Mobal makes it simple with both short-term and long-term SIM cards plans. With an easy ordering process, native English-speaking customer support, no contracts, and profits that go to charity, why would you pick anything else?

Renting a cell phone can be a hassle and trying to get a Japanese SIM card can also be a trial. If you don’t have a Japanese credit card or residence visa, most companies won’t even give you a chance. Even if they do, then you have long forms to fill out in Japanese, which can be a headache. That's where Mobal comes in to save the day. With their Japan Unlimited SIM Card plans, the obstacles between you and connectivity are gone – simply buy the card, activate it, and cancel when you're done.

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Whether you’re on a short vacation or something a bit longer, Mobal has you covered with their variety of plans. The best part? You can get your SIM card shipped to you before you even leave for the airport—or you can pick it up from one of their easy-to-find pick-up points. Their multi-size SIM card takes the challenge and guesswork out of finding the right fit. Mobal’s SIM cards will work in any unlocked phone. With excellent coverage from Japan’s top networks—Softbank and Docomo—you’re sure to enjoy reliable service, great call quality, and ultra-fast data speeds.

Plan Overview

Speed, speed, speed! Mobal makes sure you get it. With Softbank’s reputation for fast speed and reliability, you’ll be cruising with the top tier. You could get speeds up to 187.5Mbps if you have a phone that supports 4G LTE. And with Mobal, you won’t be caught without data. If you go over your monthly allowance, your data speed is simply reduced to 128Kbps. That might not be enough to stream music or videos, but it’ll keep you connected to the internet for browsing, emailing, posting, and messaging.

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Let’s take a look at the plans offered by Mobal. If you’re staying in Japan for less than 90 days, Mobal’s short-term plan has got you covered! It’s great for tourists, business travelers, or short trips. And you get to choose between SIMs that provide data-only or voice, text, and data. Here are your short-term SIM plan options:



Voice Calling


Total Cost (JPY)

8 Days



16 Days



31 Days



30 Days



60 Days



90 Days



(* Pay 3,000 yen today and the remainder upon activation)

Staying in Japan for longer than 90 days? No problem. Mobal still has you covered with their long-term plans. Either plan comes with a real Japanese phone number and can be canceled at any time. Get access to super-fast data, when it’s used up your data stays on at reduced speeds. You pay 3,000 yen for the SIM card and then just choose the plan that best suits your needs:

Monthly Data

Minimum Contract

Monthly Cost (JPY)











6 months*



6 months*


(* Get huge discounts when you choose a 6-month plan; after 6 months, you’ll keep getting special offer rates, but you can also cancel at any time.)

You’ll never be unreachable again. Incoming calls are free and outgoing calls to Mobal and Softbank SIMs are free from 1:00 am to 9:00 pm, so you can rest easy. There are no taxes, activation fees, or termination fees. What you see is what you get, with Mobal.

How to Activate

Ordering a Mobal SIM card is as easy as selecting iPhone or Android upon choosing your plan. There’s no need to visit a store or fill out tiring paperwork. Once you pay by debit or credit card or by PayPal, your order is off. When you receive your SIM card package, all you have to do is follow the instructions to log in to the activation website; then, select your plan and choose your start date. It usually takes less than two hours for your SIM card to be activated. You’ll also be able to set up your voicemail service now—simple instructions are included in the pick-up package. Now you’re connected, and able to enjoy to freedom of mobile connectivity anywhere you go.

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Keep in mind that Mobal SIM cards work in any unlocked phone that supports 3G or 4G Band 1 frequency (2100MHz). An unlocked phone is one which works with a SIM card from any network. If your phone is locked, it’s restricted to work only with your carrier’s network. In this case, you may have to ask your provider about unlocking your phone, so that it can work with Mobal SIM cards.

Delivery or Pick Up

There are numerous options for receiving your SIM card once you’ve ordered. If you want to get the card in advance, enjoy free shipping to most major countries. This ensures that you have everything set up and ready before you even leave home. You can also pick your SIM card up in Japan at Mobal’s convenient pick-up points in airports and cities all around Japan. From Kyushu to Tokyo to Hokkaido and plenty more, the location options are numerous. The best part is that no matter what you choose, it’s free and easy.

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Your account log-in information is emailed to you when you activate your plan. From there, you can easily view your charges (note: all charges are billed in Japanese yen). New charges show up on the 1st of each month and it’s all itemized, so that you know exactly what you’re paying for. Mobal makes sure there are no hidden fees when you pay, and if it isn’t convenient for you to pay by debit/credit card or PayPal, you can even set up your account to pay in cash at any of the thousands of convenience stores around Japan.

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Customer Support

There are so many reasons to choose Mobal to be your SIM card buddy while you’re in Japan. One more reason might be their native English-speaking customer support. When you have questions or a problem pops up, you’re covered with professional help either via email or phone. There are also plenty of support pages if you need step-by-step instructions on activating your account. With a private and secure online account available at all times, a helping hand will never be far away if the need arises.

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